Why Host

Why Host With Us

Crashpad understands the value of renting beds, rooms, and houses. We've been doing this with our sister site Crashpads.com since 1997. Yes, way before anyone else did.


We have figured the best way to support most home hosts is to offer the best options which we have.


1). The first option is to allow you to list your property for free for a very small percentage fee when your listing gets booked.


2). The second option allows you to list your property with a low month to month subscription fee.


3). The bonus option! We don't hold back any of your monies, nor do we collect your money. We let you be responsible for your income.


Booking and Guest Fee: When you the host accept the reservation from the traveler(s) and the payment is processed, Crashpad takes a percentage fee during the transaction leaving you the host with the remainder in your PayPal account if you opted for the free listing.


Monthly Subscription Fee: If you opted for the monthly subscription fee then when you and the traveler accept the reservation the full amount is transferred to the host's PayPal account. The traveler(s) pays you directly through PayPal which you must have a PayPal account to accept any payments.


The overwhelming majority of people who investigate the possibility of renting the surplus accommodation space they own do it for the possible financial reward that is available. Renting that space can provide extra income for a variety of necessities and can be helpful in keeping their yearly budget on target.


It can be helpful with a mortgage, possibly supplement monthly household income, or many more needs. Our aim at Crashpad.com is to make that process as seamless and effortless as possible for both sides of every transaction. It's also convenient because you host when you want and how long you want.


Come on join our Crashpad family and let's get your property listed with us!